Tuesday, December 21, 2010

School Cafeteria Recipes by the USDA

Wow!  So, I was wondering just what was it in those school Salisbury steaks way back when that made you wonder if there was some "mystery ingredient" in there that you wish you'd never eaten.  I did a Google search for "school pizza" and found this site.  Now I'm drawn back to my childhood, wondering what I'd have traded for,  based on these recipes.  As an adult, I see they're not all bad, actually fairly good for you all around.  Just add a little spice here and there, and you've got a good basic list of "foods everyone will eat".  Enjoy, and I hope the lunchtime meal you remember the most is in this list!

And for a few hard to find recipes (not included in the NFSMI website list, but compiled by the author of Uncle Phaedrus' website)

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